School Regulations



The School uniform MUST be properly worn and respected at ALL times IN and OUT of School.


a) Regular Uniform: - This is to be worn at all times except for days on which Dress uniform is required

  • BLUE Shirt-Jac with the College crest printed on the top Left Pocket

  • KHAKI Long Pants, which MUST be worn with an unadorned Black belt on the waist NOT the hips

  • PLAIN BLACK Shoes (with NO coloured marks), which MUST be worn with visible black, or white socks.

b) Dress Uniform -This is to be worn ONLY on the First day of each Term, Mass Days and days specified by the sch'ool's administration.

  • WHITE long sleeve shirt with St. Mary's college embroidered above the Left shirt Pocket

  • NAVY Blue dress pants, which MUST be worn with an unadorned BLACK belt on the waist NOT the hips

  • PLAIN BLACK Shoes (with NO coloured marks), which MUST be worn with visible black or white socks.

c) Games Uniform (Forms 1-3) - This can be worn to school ONLY on Physical Education (PE) days

  • BLUE striped jersey (available only at CIC Bookstore) fully tucked into pants

  • KHAKI Long Pants, which MUST be worn with a Black belt.

  • PLAIN BLACK Shoes (with NO coloured marks), which MUST be worn with visible white socks.

Students are ALSO required to have for PE


i) Royal Blue pants
ii) White Socks
iii) Appropriate footwear - track shoe, football boots etc.

d) Other

  • Students are allowed to wear a PLAIN WHITE T-shirt or Vest under their uniform. It must have NO print of ANY SORT. The T-shirt's sleeve MUST NOT be longer than the Shirt's sleeve.

  • NO jewellery OR ornaments with the exception of a wristwatch and a CIC graduation ring (Form 6 & Form 5 repeaters only).

  • Students' hair MUST be short, simple and well groomed. It MUST NOT be dyed, coloured, janked, curled rolled or plaited. Hairstyles MUST NOT bear any markings, letters or shapes etched out.


a) Punctuality - School begins at 7.30 .a.m., every effort should be made to get your son to school on time. On the occasion that a student is LATE a WRITTEN excuse is to be submitted to the DEAN on the following day.

b) Regularity - For students irregular attendance is defined as more than one day or two half days per week in any four week period in which school is in session. When a student is ABSENT from school it is compulsory for him to produce a WRITTEN excuse ON the day he RETURNS to school and this MUST be submitted to the DEAN. This excuse is a formal communication between parent and School and must be afforded due courtesy. In the event that a student is absent due to illness, for an extended period, a MEDICAL certificate is required to indicate fitness to return to school.

c) Leaving School during School hours - Parents should, as far as possible, avoid planning "trips" during school hours. In the event that it becomes necessary for your son to leave the school compound, during school hours, a LETTER asking for permission MUST be sent to the DEAN. If permission is granted an Exiat to leave the compound will be issued to the student. This Exiat is to be given to the Security officer at the gate, so that the student will be allowed to leave the school compound. No student will be allowed to exit the school during school hours without an Exiat.

It is the policy of the College and the Ministry of Education that all students must be punctual in attending school, classes and all school related activities and must be regular in attendance.


Parents/guardians and other patrons of the community are welcome and encouraged to visit the School. All visitors are expected to report to security officers before proceeding to the designated waiting area. Visitors to the schools must respect the learning environment and maintain proper behaviour and decorum. All visitors are expected to be appropriately attired. Disruption of the orderly process of the school is prohibited. The Principal or his/her designee is authorised to deny access, ban or bar future access, remove or request the removal of any visitor whose behaviour is disruptive to the educational/working environment of the school.



There is an assessment period in the middle of each Term and at the end of TERM 2(Easter). There are major Examinations at the end of Term 1 (Christmas) and the end of Term 3 (End of Year). After all assessment /exanimation periods Assessment Reports are sent home to parents. Parents MUST sign these Reports, write any remarks and RETURN within a stipulated time. Students MUST NOT tamper with these Assessment Records. It must be kept in good order. Any intentional defacement, deliberate destruction, negligence or forgery will result in an immediate SUSPENSION from school.


  • Students are to STAND quietly upon the entry of a Teacher to a classroom

  • Students will be respectful/non confrontational at ALL times to ALL Members of Staff

  • Students must keep their environment CLEAN AND TIDY at ALL times

  • Students MUST maintain an acceptable level of academic performance

  • Students are to complete ALL assignments within the allotted time

  • Students MUST NOT eat, drink or sit on or at the Teachers Desk

  • ALL Students WILL respect the Prayer

  • Student are NOT to be persistently Late or Absent from school

  • Students MUST have ALL requirements for class at ALL times

Failure to comply with these requirements and those highlighted in document "Rules and Guidelines" WILL result in penalties being imposed. Please refer to the "Ministry of Education National School Code of Conduct".

Recommended consequences at the College range from:

  • Restitution/Confiscation/Removal of privileges

  • Student conference

  • Penance

  • Lunch Time Detentions

  • After School Detentions

  • Extended School community service Detention

  • Parent contact conference

  • Student Behavioural Contract

  • Student Support Services Intervention

  • Internal (in School) Suspension

  • External Suspension for up to 7 days

  • Extended Suspension/Law enforcement

  • Expulsion

Be advised that the Principal has the authority to change or modify these regulations as and when required, to maintain proper conduct and to ensure the safety and security of staff and students.

Revised June 2011